Is eating the same thing every day bad for me?

Routine. Boring? Predictable? Maybe.

Perfectly ok? Yes!

Routine is the spice of life. Err…that’s not right. Variety is the spice of life but routine keeps us sane? Maybe that’s more like it.

I often get asked “I eat the same thing every day. That has to be bad, right?” Not necessarily! Routine, particularly in regards to meals and the foods we eat, can actually be a great way to save time and eat healthier!

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of routine with your diet.


Curbs overeating

We like what we like. When you eat the things you like and crave, you’re less likely to keep eating to find that satisfaction, preventing overeating and mindless snacking.

Meal prep is a piece of cake

Eating the same or similar meals throughout the week makes grocery shopping a breeze. You know where everything is located and you’re not reading millions of new nutrition labels with every trip. What? Doesn’t everyone read nutrition labels on all the foods they eat? 😉

In the kitchen, meal prepping is quick. If you eat the same thing for lunch every day, make a week’s worth at once and you don’t have to think about it meal prep again until next week.

Helps build healthy eating habits

We are creatures of habit. If you’re not a big fruit and veggie eater right now, start making it part of your routine to include fresh produce with each meal. It takes some time to build new habits, but before you know it you’ll be reaching for the fruits and veggies without giving it a second thought!


Possibly missing some nutrients

Have you ever heard the phrase “eat the rainbow”? Different color fruits and veggies provide different vitamins and minerals essential to our body. Swap out different fruits and vegetables, substitute different types of whole grains, or mix up the types of protein you eat to make sure you’re getting all the essential nutrients that beautiful bod of yours needs!

Eating becomes boring

While eating the same thing every day can be great if you truly enjoy and look forward to those foods, it can also get pretty dull. Just as eating what we like is satisfying and can prevent overeating, eating foods that don’t excite us or that we’re completely bored with can lead to overeating. Make sure you switch it up from time to time to keep your taste buds happy!

THE BOTTOM LINE Routine doesn’t have to mean eating the same exact food every single day. Find a routine that allows some variety within your meals. Do you usually do yogurt and fruit for breakfast? Switch up the fruit you use. Are you a salad lover at lunch? Top with different veggies, fruits and whole grains each day for some variety. Take what you like and find ways to make it different!

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