Pantry Staples

We’ve all had those nights where the inspiration to cook is minimal and the drive through is calling our name!⁣

📌Save this list! ⁣

Pantry staples give you the tools to cook even when you haven’t meal planned or grocery shopped. It may not be your most exciting meal...or maybe it is! Remember it doesn’t have to be fancy to be good and good for you.

Some pantry staple meal combos you can try:⁣

🌮Taco bowl

Perfect for my Chipotle fans! Combine brown rice or quinoa with canned black beans, add in any fresh or frozen veggies (peppers, tomatoes, etc), top with salsa. If you’re feeling extra sassy, make your own chips from a tortilla!

🐟 Tuna salad-ish

Combine canned tuna with cooked pasta, mix in canned garbanzo beans, any fresh or frozen veggies (peppers, celery, etc) and sunflower seeds. Mix with some lemon juice and/or a little dollop of mayo or plain Greek yogurt.⁣

🍝Easy pasta

Sauté any fresh or frozen veggies (peppers, mushrooms) and some garlic, add a can of tomatoes and simmer for a few minutes. Combine with cooked pasta. If you have frozen ground turkey/beef or chicken strips, you can add those for a boost of protein!⁣

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