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When Kate called me I instantly felt at ease. There was something about her personality that made it so easy to talk to her. 

Kate suggested her Core 4 Method instead of counting points. It seemed too easy. I had so much more energy eating delicious meals. The best part though was I wasn't mentally drained all day obsessing and worrying about food. I even gave in to cravings without worry. 


Although I felt great physically I still knew I had a problem with my body image. Kate was there every single day. I learned how to talk positively to myself and love myself for who I am.


I honestly can't thank her enough for truly changing my life.


If I can give anyone advice it's just to go for it. Go all in and I promise you that there will not be any regrets. Kate is simply amazing and I'm beyond grateful to have her in my life. 


I had been dieting off and on for the past two years and I was getting frustrated and didn't want to do it anymore. What I wanted was to make a lifestyle change, not a short term diet here and there.

Kate helped me be confident in making decisions on my food and learning to listen to my body. My body was happy, my mental health was happy and I didn't feel guilty. The guilt is gone from eating "unhealthy" because I'm not cheating on a diet. I'm living my life listening to my body.

Kate breaks all the status quos of dieting and eating food. For the first time I am happier and more confident than I've ever been with food and with literally every aspect of my life. 


I joined Kate's program as a way to re-focus on me and my health


It's so easy for me to be upfront and honest with Kate, and she operates in a 100% judgement-free way


After our first call I already had a plan and easy ways to make positive changes in my diet. Kate is a natural teacher and she is committed to helping me make lifelong, sustainable changes rather than pushing a fad diet that will fail me in the end. I'm super excited because after one month I'm already noticing a difference. I fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans! 


Honestly, it doesn't hurt to have a conversation with her. Like me, you'll likely find that she can help you more than you realize.


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