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I'm here to help you stop dieting and start living your best, most confident life!

What would it feel like to eat without guilt or restriction and know that you're feeding your body exactly what it wants and needs?

For years you’ve been trialing diets, promising yourself that this next diet will be the one. The last diet you’ll ever need to finally feel confident and love your body. And while it may work for a little while, this one eventually falls in the category of “failure” along with the other dozens of diets you’ve tried in the past.


Diet failures make you feel like you lack the discipline and willpower needed to succeed, but let me tell ya...more discipline is not what you need!


You need more FREEDOM. You need to learn to eat and move in ways that make you feel good, both body and mind. You need to learn how to listen to the messages your body is sending you and be able to eat all your favorite foods free from guilt and shame. You need to learn how to add foods to your diet to create a healthy balance, not restrict or remove foods.

Yes, you can love food and love your body!


Have I got your attention? Are you wondering how the heck this is even possible?!


That’s where I come in -- your food freedom dietitian! I’m here to tell you that you can improve your relationship with food and start living your best life right now.

Accountability and support are HUGE when it comes to reaching your health goals. Whether through 1:1 sessions or group nutrition coaching, I'm here for you every step of the way for education, motivation, accountability and support to keep you moving forward!

A self-paced, step-by-step course that outlines my exact method for ditching diets and learning to listen to your body to eat the foods you love and feel your absolute best.

Feel Good with

Food Freedom

Work closely together with me to ditch the diet mentality and learn a healthy, sustainable way of eating, free from calorie counting, restriction and guilt! Our sessions are completely individualized and customized to you to get you moving quickly to your goals. 

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other services:

other services:

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Using the Mediator Release Test (MRT), we'll test for over 170 foods and chemicals to find dietary causes of inflammation. ​

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I offer lunch and learns, presentations, and individualized nutrition coaching packages for your staff. Choose from a variety of topics, or choose a new topic customized to your organization's needs!